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Engineers Without Borders - Alaska Professional Chapter 


Koche Water Users Association Partnership


Supporting reliable energy infrastructure to provide potable drinking water

 in the Mangochi District of Malawi


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Our Engineers Without Borders – Alaska Professional Chapter (EWB-APC) has been working for the past three years with our partner in Malawi, Koche Water Users Association (KWUA).  KWUA currently supplies potable water to over 11,000 local village residents.  They currently reach approximately 25% of the nearby village population and are continually expanding their service to reach more residents.  

KWUA is challenged to meet their water supply demand requirements due to frequent and extended grid power outages.  The issue is heightened during the dry, high demand season.  To address this issue, EWB-APC is partnering with KWUA on a two phase project to address and improve power supply reliability.  Phase 1 (in progress now) involves ensuring that  back-up power supply is available.  Phase 2 (beginning in 2021) will involve addressing power supply cost and affordability.  Phase 2 may involve a renewable energy project. 

We are excited to be nearing the final implementation stage of Phase 1.  We are working with KWUA on the selection, installation, and commissioning of a stand-by generator. We anticipate final approval of the design package by EWB-USA in late September.

When I traveled to Malawi in 2017, I saw first hand the need but I was so impressed with the people of KWUA.  I believe that this project is a unique opportunity to support an organization in a developing country that is a model for the future.  KWUA effectively manages and operates their own utility system while building internal skills and capability.  Our project and services fill a need for engineering skills and capital funding that is currently unavailable to the association.

We are reaching out to you as friends and associates of EWB-APC both to inform you of our progress and to ask if you may be interested in supporting this essential work by making a contribution of any size to the project. We learned this past weekend that a potential funding source that would have fully funded our project will not be realized. Our current funding gap is $11,500.

Many people have expressed interest in our chapter and our mission. New members are always welcome, engineers and non-engineers alike! If you are interested in our work but are unable to find the time in your busy schedule, making a small donation towards this project is another opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.  

Please contact me with any questions.  Thanks in advance for your support! 

Jody Olsen   

Engineers Without Borders

Alaska Professional Chapter President

Please note: Due to the current pandemic and in order to keep project costs low, we are conducting all aspects of this implementation phase remotely.  We are fortunate to be working with capable partners in Malawi that allow for this remote implementation.     


To donate by check please mail to:


Attn: Jody Olsen, EWB-APC President

PO Box 90603

Anchorage, AK  99509


To learn more about our chapter:

* Visit our website: EWB-APC

To ask questions or volunteer:

* Contact us via email

 Water Tap at MCV 


Check out our KWUA photo album for a view of KWUA facilities, the hard-working KWUA operations staff, and the end-users of the system.


Thank you for your continued support ~

Together we can make a difference!​

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